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Rewards of being a part of the Latino Pilots Association:


Mentorship - Young members receive mentorship and guidance from our more senior, experienced members. With pilots from different airlines and different backgrounds, our members receive invaluable advice to help them in their career.

Educational Resources - Side by side with the mentorship, our members also get educational resources to help them learn about the aviation industry and what are the best steps to follow to achieve your goals.

Career progression - Networking is very important. Through LPA, members get to meet other members and make long time personal and professional relationships.

Professional Development - Members have the opportunity to volunteer and mentor other LPA members. We are currently developing our REACH program, which will help us educate, guide and mentor many of our LPA members who are students both in high school and college.

For additional information, please contact Michael Cerrato-Yeomans, Executive Officer of Recruitment: